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Sponsor a longterm foster cat

Sponsor card – Ben

Sponsor a rescue cat as a gift, in memoriam or simply as a personal way of giving…

We make every effort to find the best homes for cats that arrive in our care. Sadly, some of the cats that come to us cannot be re-homed – either because they are elderly, too traumatised or suffer chronic health problems. Kind-hearted volunteer fosterers give these special cats the stable and loving homes they so desperately need. The charity continues to fund their care, medication and veterinary costs, which can run to many hundreds per year. Sponsoring one of our 20+ longterm foster cats is one way you can help us give these animals a second chance at a time when they need it the most. We are a small local charity, but changing the world for each of these cats – thank you for your support.

What you receive when you sponsor a cat


Inside cover, dedication page

You, or your gift recipient, will receive a personalised THANK YOU card (images right, cover & inside page) from the cat, describing his or her particular rescue story, making it ideal as a Gift for any cat lover. Let us know what dedication you would like printing on the inside page. Sponsors also receive a charity Christmas card in December, in recognition of their support.

How much is a sponsorship?

From just £5 per month – £60 for a full year’s sponsorship – your donation goes 100% to the daily care of the cats, which includes food, regular veterinary treatments, dental care and any medications. The cost of a cat on medication is £500+ a year, so each cat needs an average 8 sponsors each.

What to do next… incl GIFT SPONSORSHIPS

Below are the cats which have been re-homed with fosterers and would welcome your sponsorship. Read more about their stories by clicking on the photos and decide which cat/s you would like to support.


  • SexFemale
  • Colour/breedBlack & White Domestic Short Hair
  • Year born10/2015
  • Number of sponsors7
  • Reason for fosteringCleft palate; recurring upper respiratory tract infections Read more about me >


  • SexMale
  • Colour/breedGrey & white domestic longhair
  • Year born2005
  • Number of sponsors1
  • Reason for fosteringElderly; recurring urinary tract infection Read more about me >


  • SexFemale
  • Colour/breedBlack British shorthair
  • Year born1999
  • Number of sponsors6
  • Reason for fosteringEnlarged heart; arthritis; elderly Read more about me >


  • SexMale
  • Colour/breedPale ginger domestic longhair
  • Year born2009
  • Number of sponsors4
  • Reason for fosteringJoint disorder; amputation Read more about me >


  • SexFemale
  • Colour/breedSeal point Ragdoll
  • Year born2000
  • Number of sponsors3
  • Reason for fosteringCardiomyopathy & elderly Read more about me >


  • SexMale
  • Colour/breedBlack & white domestic shorthair
  • Year born2010
  • Number of sponsors2
  • Reason for fosteringDiabetes Read more about me >


  • SexMale
  • Colour/breedBlack & white domestic shorthair
  • Year born2002
  • Number of sponsors3
  • Reason for fosteringHead trauma injury; excessive thirst Read more about me >


  • SexMale
  • Colour/breedGinger domestic longhair
  • Year born2011
  • Number of sponsors4
  • Reason for fosteringDiabetes Read more about me >


  • SexMale
  • Colour/breedTabby and White
  • Year born2014
  • Number of sponsors0
  • Reason for fosteringStress related urinary tract infection which saw him taken swiftly to the vets with a urinary blockage. His condition has resulted in him needing long term medication and a special diet. Read more about me >


  • SexMale
  • Colour/breedGinger
  • Year born
  • Number of sponsors0
  • Reason for fosteringTheo is Diabetic and requires twice a day injections along with regular monitoring and a special diet. Read more about me >