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Rescue story: Tomasina the tiny tabby kitten

30 October 2014
Tomasina the tiny tabby kitten

Tomasina the tiny tabby kitten

This is Tomasina’s story, a tiny tabby found lost and alone – a not so unusual case of a kitten in need, and this charity’s equally not-so-unusual response to ensure its safety.

One cold winter’s Saturday, not so long ago, a gentleman was outside cleaning up the fallen leaves from his garden path with a blower. Squeak! Surprised to hear a tiny voice coming from down below, he immediately saw he’d uncovered a tiny tabby kitten from a corner of leaves. Conscious mum might be nearby, he moved away, thinking he would check on it later. A few hours later, and much colder, it was still there, clearly lost and alone.

Fortunately he rang the Caring for Cats homing centre where volunteer Andrea took his call. Knowing that this abandoned kitten would probably not last the night without intervention, she immediately rang coordinator Rose. Full though all the cattery pens were, as is typical for this charity, Rose made extra room for this emergency bundle by moving an adult cat into a pen hastily set up in her own bedroom – as is typical of Rose.
And so well into the dark evening the gentleman arrived at the South Cave cattery with a very small, cold and hungry tabby kitten – Tomasina, as she was later named. Though only 4-5 weeks old, thankfully this perfect puss thrived with warmth, food, veterinary care – and especially with the love of the dedicated volunteers who cleaned up, played, cuddled, and fussed over her for the three months she stayed with us.

Now we are very happy to say she has found her forever home with a loving family who will treasure her. We can only carry out such rescues with the kind support of our very generous supporters. See our donations page to find out how you can help kittens like Tomasina have a better future.

Tomasina a few days after arriving with us - cute as a button!

Tomasina a few days after arriving with us – cute as a button!