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Rescue story: Precious the injured semi-feral stray

2 January 2012

The Story of ‘Precious’ – by her longterm foster Mum

Precious, a young black and white cat, was found wandering in Bridlington with an injured leg. She must have also had an accident in the past as she has a bit of a limp and jumping is always going to be a bit of a challenge for her. She is now a sweet natured and very talkative little princess.

Precious had been in a cat pen for four months when I first encountered her. By this time she had been diagnosed with two holes in her heart. The vet thought that Precious had probably been born with this abnormality and that her life span would be extremely limited, maybe months rather than years.

Precious developed a bond with her CFC rescuer Steve. She had been living as a semi-feral but decided to take a chance by offering her affection to him. However, she soon became fed up of living in a pen and was also anxious for a bit of freedom…maybe a home of her own.

One week later Rose and Steve arrived with Precious, her pen and all her toys. She was frightened and nervous and spent her first few nights quietly sitting in the pen. We started coaxing and stroking, letting Precious lead the way. On the sixth morning Precious felt comfortable playing with her toys in her pen and jumping out for a while to have a little wander around, but preferring to jump back into the pen for safety and security. This routine continued for the next week until on the fourteenth morning, she took the plunge and chose freedom. She quickly developed a bond with the rest of the cat family and she still adores all her toys. She is often to be found flying around the kitchen and cat run teasing her new cat friends.
Precious now seems to be happy and content.

I continue to live in hope for a long ” bit in between” for Precious. She is indeed Precious, and I am truly grateful to be able to share her life with her.