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Feral Cat Rescue: 4mins to change your mind

12 April 2017

Feral cat handed in to us less than a month ago. We were told he had been living as a feral for several years, being fed in a town centre by a kindly older couple who couldn’t get near him. This poor tom did arrive very timid and frightened (usual hissing & spitting etc), but also in pain with cut & bleeding paws, matted fur, dermatitis, 6 dental extractions needed, unneutered, diarrhoea! In less than a month, look at the transformation.. from so-called feral to fur-baby. So happy in his warm pen with food and lots of loving kindness from our volunteers, having been given a second chance. Has this 4mins changed your mind about labelling any cat as “feral”, without giving him or her a chance?

About to have his paws cleaned and treated

Deep cuts & abrasions on the mend